You can find pages and pages on the internet about sex, but it's so difficult to find sites that ask a lot of the really interesting, and really difficult, questions about it.

     Even the physical intimacy side of sex is so much more mysterious than most people think it is -- because, frankly, when it comes to sex, most people don't do much . . . thinking.

     You might say that this website offers "sex advice" for married men who are really committed to their wives.  But it's really about how to understand sex, which is a key factor in doing it well.

Reflections on spousal sexual desire and love --  . . . really good marital lovemaking, which leads to true intimacy and sexual union.


   This website leads off by emphasizing the MYSTERY of sex, and we really mean it.  Sex is, in so many ways, mysterious.  So our hope is that readers will take advantage of the email link to send us their questions and their reflections.  Some of those reflections will be integrated into the website -- always anonymously and only if you give permission to include something.  We really welcome you to become part of this shared exploration into the meaning of that mystery.

Send your ideas to us at:

[your anonymity is guaranteed]

What are some of the questions we'll ask?

  • What is the meaning of "intimacy" and "sexual union" and how do we achieve it best?
  • How much of sexual pleasure is in the body, and how much is in the mind?
  • When we are in the moment of sexual climax, are we together with anyone, or are we alone?
  • How can we describe sexual climax?
  • How much pleasure should we aim for in the marital act?
  • How should we prepare each other for marital intercourse?
  • What is the time framework for the sexual act?
  • Why is vaginal intercourse more satisfying than other sexual acts, especially to women in committed relationships? 
  • What is the most pleasurable sexual act?
  • Do men or women enjoy the sexual act more?
  • When should we make love?
  • Why should we make love?
  • What is "glossing" and why is it so wonderful?
  • Does "coming together" matter?  And, if so, how do we do it?
  • What does doing sex really well mean?
  • Where is God in the marital act?