Everything Coming Together

     I sometimes wish that I could do a video -entitled "Sex" or "Sex: The Full Story."  It would begin with a wedding ceremony, and then blend into the hotel honeymoon suite, an exchange of loving looks, moving into the various stages of the sexual act [including kissing of the breasts, and the husband entering his wife, with full view of the vagina], culminating in orgasm, and then . . . . blending almost seamlessly into the various stages of labor, culminating in the delivery [with full view of the vagina] of the child, and the mother's taking of the baby into her arms (and then to her breast), looking at her husband next to her, as they overflow with awe and joy, and one says to the other:"my God - we did this!" And then there would be little vignettes of that child at different points of life (baby, toddler, young child, adolescent, young man) and then marriage, and then the beginning of the sexual act with his wife, in the same way as his parents began him.

     One interesting point to make, in this context, is that there are striking physical similarities between marital lovemaking and childbirth:  a woman about to have an orgasm sometimes (in my experience, often) can have a look similar to that of pain, and the sounds of marital relations, especially at orgasm, can sometimes be similar to sounds during labor and childbirth.  (Look at the pictures on this page -- they could actually be pictures of either.)

     But, more importantly, there is a deeper underlying connection between marital intimacy and childbirth, since, in the natural course of things, one frequently leads to the other. Today that is commonly treated as an "accident."  It's not, actually, in its deepest reality.  Perhaps some of the physical similarities are nature's way of reminding us about the connection.

     No, I'll never do this . . . . but it's an intriguing thought experiment all the same.