You can find pages and pages on the internet about sex, but it's so difficult to find sites that ask a lot of the really interesting, and really difficult, questions about it.

     Even the physical side of sex is so much more mysterious than most people think it is -- because, frankly, when it comes to sex, most people don't do much . . . thinking.

Reflections on non-narcissistic, other-oriented, spousal sexual desire and love -- that is, . . . really good marital lovemaking.


Where We are Coming From

   Sex is fascinating, and W.L. is someone who is endlessly fascinated by it.  Probably too endlessly fascinated -- but trying to make the best of that.
   No claim here to understand everything about sex -- no one does. For the most part, what you read here will reflect the view that the inner meaning of sex is spousal or marital.  That is, the best way for me to direct my sexual desire is toward a person of the opposite sex to whom I have committed myself completely and until death.  This is not an argument about some "moral rule" about what sex should be -- it's an argument about the way the most fulfilling sex IS.  But, of course, we don't always see or feel  what's really most fulfilling -- many people feel that they are flourishing when they are doing pretty self-destructive things.
   For the most part, what you read here will be written from a male viewpoint, which is pretty different from a female viewpoint in a lot of ways. (The "natural"female view of sexuality is superior, overall, I think, but it takes both to get the whole picture!)
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   This website leads off by emphasizing the MYSTERY of sex, and we really mean it.  Sex is, in so many ways, mysterious.  So our hope is that readers will take advantage of the email link to send us their reflections.  Some of those reflections will be integrated into the website -- always anonymously and only if you give permission to include something.  We really welcome you to become part of this shared exploration into the meaning of that mystery.

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