Sex: A Mirror of Our Relationship with God

      One of the wonders of human sexuality is the many ways in which the sexual relationship of a husband and wife mirrors the relationship of a human being with God.

      A man typically (yes, there are always exceptions) wants physical sex much more often than a woman. He frequently acts like a two-year old when he can't have it when he wants it. (And some of us want it very often.)  He can accumulate feelings of resentment against his spouse for not being "loving" enough.
     A moment's thought reveals that he acts the same way with God -- actually, much worse (since a wife has no obligation to cater to every demand of her husband).  God wants us to love Him so much more than we do (and He knows it's the very best thing for us), but we are so caught up in ourselves and our own concerns or problems that we don't give much attention to Him.